April 20, 2024

Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) is formally established with headquarters in Cairo, Egypt. The EastMed Gas Forum includes six energy Ministers from Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan. This forum establishes a crucial platform that connects gas producers, consumers, and transit states to promote a sustainable regional market for gas. EMGF was formed in January 2019 with the purpose of “creating a regional gas market, increase resource development, cut the cost of infrastructure, offer competitive prices and improve trade ties”. EMGF is open for membership submissions by any state in the Eastern Mediterranean, and any other state or regional or international organization as an observer. It also values support provided by international parties and organizations including the European Union (EU) and World Bank (WB). Cyprus and Greece have signed the charter of Egypt-based energy forum to unite with other participating countries in this forum rivalling Turkey, which has been facing a bitter dispute with European Union members Greece and Cyprus over gas drilling rights in the region.