Nile pollution in Egypt: Revisiting the Household’s environmental behaviour


Freshwater contamination is a major issue in Egypt. Municipal and industrial disposal of non-degradable metal and anthropogenic effluents have been recorded to primarily contribute, through bioaccumulation, to the ecological damage in NR (Abdel-Satar & Elewa, 2001; Abdel-Satar, 2005; El-Bouraie et al., 2010; Shamrukh & Abdel-Wahab, 2011; Ezzat et al., 2012; Goher et al., 2014; Ali et al., 2014). This motivates the present research to investigate the problem of metal-contamination in NR and incorporate behavioural insights in designing a sustainable approach to preserve freshwater quality.


The present research aims to:

1. address the contribution of various economic sectors to NR metal-contamination.
2. investigate the factors surrounding uniformed decisions of contaminants disposal.
3. provide policy implications.
4. directions for future research in channels of nudging an environmentally friendly behaviour.

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