April 19, 2024

El-Sisi, Netanyahu Are Close but Israel-Egypt Ties Could Depend on Rest of Arab World


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Source: The MediaLine

An article by Debbie Mohnblatt


The article discusses Egyptian-Israeli ties under Netanyahu’s new leadership. Starting off the article was the conversation between Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, Egyptian president, and the Israeli prime minister on Sunday, 1st of January 2023

The article’s author referred to the existing good relations between both mentioned leaders, yet she suggested that the continuity of those good relations would depend on the new Israeli government’s practices and policies in the region.


The article highlighted the two leaders’ commitment to peace, stability, and security in the region and referred to the Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel. Additionally, the article questioned how Al-Sisi’s relationship with Netanyahu would translate into the relationship between their countries.

In that context, the author quoted Shaul Mishal, professor emeritus of political science at Tel Aviv University and visiting professor at Yale and Harvard universities. He said that the newly elected government in Israel had brought some uncertainty to the relationship between the two countries. Additionally, Mishal emphasized the need for security and defense cooperation between the two states.

Mishal stated that Egypt is of strategic importance to Israel for its role in developing Saudi-Israeli relations. He also referred to Egypt’s crucial role in mediating between Hamas and Israel.

According to EUNACR director Sara Kira, when El-Sisi asked Netanyahu not to escalate tensions in the region, he was primarily referring to tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

In Kira’s opinion, Egypt-Israel ties will also be determined by Netanyahu’s stances on issues of strategic interest to both countries, such as the Mediterranean Sea gas find, and the conflicts in Libya and Syria.

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El-Sisi, Netanyahu Are Close but Israel-Egypt Ties Could Depend on Rest of Arab World