April 19, 2024

Crisis of Non-Traditional Warfare and its impact on Egyptian National Security within the New Middle East Project “from 2010 to 2020 “


PhD Thesis submitted to Cairo University by Dr Marwa Moustafa.




The crisis of nontraditional warfare that was enforced upon Egypt since 2011 still going in the frame work of new middle east and its effect on the Egyptian national security with its episodes during the 25th of January protests , , and after the reca and pture of the state in 2013  with the removal of the MB candidate president Mohamed Morsi on July 3rd, and insurgency problem in Sinai and the attempt to push Egypt to attack Ethiopia and killing the Egyptians in Libya forcing the EAF to retaliate to elimin ate a cloning attempt of Syrian scene in Egypt and establishing a rogue army.


In this study the researcher aims to proof that there is a positive correlation between nontraditional warfare and the Egyptian national security To test this hypothes is an online survey was distributed randomly on multiple social media outlets, another set was also distributed manually. The study was limited to the residents of Cairo during period limited to the age studied from 2010 till 2020, while the population was of 21 at the start Egypt. of the crisis which is considered the adult age in The survey tested in Section One Some of the determinants of unconventional wars, which may come in the form of revolutions and popular protests, and in Section Two: Phrase s that refer to the socalled New Middle East Project and in Section Three: Expresses the impact of unconventional wars and the new Middle East project on Egyptian national security.


The results were analyzed through descriptive analysis has showed a significant positive correlation between the Egyptian national security and the crisis of nontraditional warfare in the framework of the new middle east effect of  from the point of view of the sample population keeping in mind the limitations of the study leading us to proof the validity of the hypothesis which that There is a positive relationship between the crisis of unconventional wars and Egyptian national security within the framew ork of the new Middle East project.

Marwa Thesis 27 Dec 2022 final word