Training and Capacity Building

EUNACR’s Capacity Building Program targets young scholars of our geographic area of focus; Europe and Egypt.




The aim of our program is to enhance research capabilities, knowledge, and skills of young scholars specialized in different areas of international relations.

EUNACR urges international relations scholars to engage in diverse research projects that address at least one of the timely topics and events taking place world-wide.

With focus on the MENA region, we have created a “Youth Platform”, where young civil activists can express themselves and enlarge their exposure to networks of their interests.



EUNACR’s Spectrum of workshops, and training as well as academic production fall into broad categories in these topics:

  • Governance and Civil Society.
  • Youth development and participation.
  • Civic engagement and Community Empowerment.
  • Political violence and Peacebuilding.
  • Peace and Security.
  • Good governance.
  • Gender and Inclusive Development.
  • Gender related issues (including gender analysis and gender mainstreaming).
  • Human Rights Monitoring and reporting mechanisms
  • Migration and Development
  • Countering violent extremism, Conflict Resolution and Peace building.
  • African peace and security.
  • Conflict analysis, and Conflict management.
  • Trade and Investment in Europe and North Africa
  • Public policy analysis and formulation / policy development
  • Foresight studies


Nothing Gets Transformed in Your Life until Your Mind is Transformed.”