Cairo – Athens Project



Cairo-Athens project is a People’s initiatives, from the Egyptian People to the Greek ones. The project aims at enhancing communication between the two people and engagement.

Working from our common heritage with Greece, and Cyprus, we would like to call August 13 of each year to be a celebration of the shared roots and legacy of the people of the 3 countries.

We believe in sustainable peace, and we are aware that it would be only built through inter-cultural dialogues. Thus, we present you the EUNACR’s first intercultural project.

Cairo – Athens project is a cultural project, represented in a wide series of interviews, reviews, overviews, reports, videos and articles for the following objectives:

  • Enhancing the cultural activities of the Egyptian Greek and Egyptian Cypriot communities.
  • Tracing the cultural heritage of the Egyptian Greek and the Egyptian Cypriot, communities whether in Egypt, Greece, or Cyprus.
  • Supporting and covering different cultural, educational, and entertaining events and activities headed by the Egyptian Greek and Egyptian Cypriot institutions in Egypt.


  • Setting an effective network of communication and connections between the Egyptian cultural institutions, and Greek and Cypriot Cultural institutions to restore the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Egypt in the presence of the European communities