Capital Campaign Fundraiser Needed

Internship Opportunity

EUNACR announces its need for Capital campaign fundraiser

EUNACR announcement


Job Description
• Research prospective donors
• Research Prospective Social Initiatives in need of fundraising
• Create a strong fundraising message that appeals to potential donors
• Identify and contact potential donors
• Use Our online platforms to raise donations
• Organize campaigns or events to solicit donations
• Maintain records of donor information
• Train volunteers in fundraising procedures and practices
• Ensure that all legal reporting requirements are satisfied

Skills needed:
• must be knowledgeable about campaign finance laws
• sales and negotiation abilities
• communication skills
• IT and social media skills
• good organisation
• administrative and project management skills
• resourcefulness
• the ability to build and maintain professional relationships
• creative thinking
• initiative and the ability to solve problems.

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