EUNACR’s Services and Products

EUNACR is a multidimensional Consulting firm specialized in international relations


  • Categories of our services:


  • policy advising, research, and training.



EUNACR provides wide spectrum of consultancy of international experts in their fields to government authorities & departments, autonomous bodies, international development agencies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions, as well as private sector.


EUNACR’s international advising as well as training fall into broad categories mainly in these topics:


  1. Governance and Civil Society.
  2. Youth development and participation.
  3. Civic engagement and Community Empowerment.




  1. Political violence and Peace-building.
  2. Peace and Security.
  3. Good governance.


  1. Gender and Inclusive Development.
  2. Gender related issues (including gender analysis and gender mainstreaming).



  1. Human Rights Monitoring and reporting mechanisms
  2. Migration and Development
  3. Countering violent extremism


  1. Conflict Resolution and Peace building.
  2. African peace and security.
  3. Conflict analysis, and Conflict management.



  1. Trade and Investment in Europe and North Africa



  1. Public policy analysis and formulation / policy development
  2. Foresight studies


  • EUNACR Services and products


  1. Policy Advice.
  2. Design and execution of capacity building programs.
  3. Business research
  4. Research management.




  1. Developing Research tools Monitoring and evaluation.
  2. Reports writing and documentation.
  3. Strategies of CSR projects and its implementation mechanisms.



  1. Research papers and Analysis.
  2. Public and media relations.
  3. Book reviews




  1. Info graphs.
  2. Policy papers.
  3. Webinars, workshops, conferences and lectures.




  1. Training programs.
  2. Digital Strategies
  3. Topics guides.
  4. Op-ed articles.

EUNACR’s vision is to keep pace with the increasing demands of those who want precise, data-based strategies fueling their big, brilliant ambitious concepts on both international and national levels.


Our team of Experts and scholars has all the required skills and knowledge to deliver our services at the highest standards.




EUNACR Values:


EUNACR is driven by a digital organizational culture, and aims at empowering learning, and leadership skills to young scholars around the Euro-Med Region.



EUNACR is also aiming at enhancing people to people diplomacy and exchange of expertise.