April 11, 2024


President Sisi mediating the heads of the V4 countries


New Egyptian-European cooperation through Visegràd


In an interview with the Good Evening Program on the Egyptian MESat channel, Sara Kira confirmed that President Sisi’s visit to the European group Visegràd in the Hungarian capital Budapest, includes many thorny and important files for both Europe and Egypt.


Sara Kira commented on President Sisi’s visit to Hungary, which is part of the activities of the European  Visegràd Group, which includes the V4 countries, namely Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Dr. Sara Kira Founder and Director of the European North African Center of Research (EUNACR).


Ms. Kira confirmed that one of the most important files that were circulated during the visit was the technological support from the Visegràd Group to Egypt, as technology is a key element for the Egyptian citizen and that he must keep pace with the times and not stop at a certain limit. She stressed that the Egyptian citizen is fully prepared to localise technology and digitisation in various aspects of life and sectors.


Ms. Kira tried to support their vision with examples, and made it clear that in the event of fear of technology and not keeping pace with the times, the Egyptian would not be able to advance in any of the fields, whether in agriculture, industry or others.


According to Ms. Kira, Al-Masry Al-Youm is now able to deal with technological progress, and she gave the example of the Egyptian state’s efforts to localise technology in the life of the Egyptian citizen in the form of financial inclusion, which the citizen dealt with and welcomed very much due to the facilities provided by technology and digitisation to citizens.


Ms.Kira also stressed that Egypt is in dire need of technology to treat wastewater in line with international standards for this process, and to develop agriculture, industry, transport and all relevant sectors.


In her interview,  Sara Kira confirmed that Europe is well aware of the lack of technology in the continent of Africa, and at the same time she concerned about the technological development in Africa, noting that Egypt is keen on technological development and wants to be the gateway from which technology is spread in the continent of Africa.