“Beni Ghazi International Exhibition” Cyprus weapon for tourism prosperity and economic breakthrough for the world



Libya has decided to liberate itself from the restrictions the restrictions imposed on it due to the wars and crises that it has experienced recently, and has begun steps that will make it a gateway to economic prosperity in the Countries of the East and Europe as well.

The password is the “Beni Ghazi International Exhibition”, which will be the beginning of great economic and political prosperity on the long term, not only in Libya, but also it will benefit its neighboring countries, America and THE European countries as well. the next lines we reveal the solution of the mystery


New step:

The Benghazi International Fair for Industries and Products 2021 was inaugurated last Thursday, under the auspices of the municipality of Benghazi, and in the presence of Ahmed Faraj Al-Tira, who is the member of the municipality’s management council, and also in the presence of Major General Khaled Mahjoub, who is the directorate of moral. In addition to, the economic observer Benghazi Juma Al-Raqas, and the director of the Benghazi International Exhibition Suleiman Al-Barasi, and the consuls of Italy, Greece and Egypt Palestine and a number of company managers and businessmen

Many Arab countries have decided to support this pioneering step through their companies, as some Libyan, Algerian, Egyptian and Tunisian companies working in the fields of industry, building materials and food, as well as tourism, as scheduled are going to participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition is scheduled to run from October 28 to November 6, and its main objective is to revitalize the economic and commercial movement in Beni Ghazi, Libya



The position of the private sector

It is worth noting that the General Authority for Libya fair is the institution that has the responsibility of completing and organizing all the activities of the Benghazi International Fair, which is a major step that will benefit the Libyan private economy. This news step encourages many partnerships with the private economy sector of Libya’s neighboring countries, which will in turn benefits Libya economically. Politically, after a long period of wars and crises

Fatima al-Marimi, the chairman of the organizing committee of the Bani Ghazi International Exhibition, emphasized that the first companies who were keen to participate are Algerian companies, but then companies from Sweden, Greece and the United States of America participated

Moreover, Fatima also expressed her gratitude and pride by this step, especially since it takes place amid difficulties that have its root in the country due to war and destruction, she also, that every step happened with the participation of the municipality of Bani Ghazi.



Fatima al-Marimi, the chairman of the organizing committee of the Bani Ghazi International Exhibition


The neighboring countries

Al-Marimi said that this is the first time since decades that such a great step has been completed in the country, explaining that it was achieved thanks to the participation of Libya’s neighbouring countries, which play an important role in achieving Libyan stability

Hassan Zaki, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Company “Egypt Gate”, stressed that Bani Ghazi is a pride for Libya, and evidence of the beginning of security and economic stability in the country, noting that it is time for the Egyptian private economy to play its role, which is to support the Libyan brothers to achieve reconstruction after the destruction and wars the country has gone through

Moreover, Zaki noted that this step is evidence of the interdependence between the Egyptian and Libyan peoples in terms of civilization, not just politics. It is epected that this move will help in create new jobs in various fields for all young people within Libya

The countries participating in the exhibition will open a door to questions and discussion, in which answers will shed the light on the most important economic repercussions that will be reflected on Libya and the other countries participating in the “Beni Ghazi International Fair”


Hassan Zaki, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Company “Egypt Gate”


Marketing opportunity

Dr. Karim Al-Mayor, an economist, was keen on noting that the “Beni Ghazi International” exhibition was completed by 2019, explaining that this type of exhibition offers opportunities to market products manufactured within Libya, and is also offering marketing investment opportunities.

The mayor noted in a detailed analysis of the European North African center for research that a large number of companies are expected to participate in this exhibition, most of which will belong to libya’s neighbours specifically, especially those countries enjoying internal stability such as Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and others, and noting that such countries will provide Libya with its needs.


The Economist Dr. Karim Al-Omda


Egyptian- Libyan interest

Karim, who is the mayor of the Egyptian private “Egypt gate”, noted that it is a company specialized in transport buses for passengers, adding that Egypt signed protocols with Libya, and the movement of labor between the two countries has returned and therefore this movement will increase and will be necessary to continue transport lines between the two countries, not only between Egypt and Libya, but it is also expected to increase movements in the Libyan interior itself between Sirte and Beni Ghazi and Tripoli from Libyan countries.

Moreover, Karim explained that Libya during the current phase and in light of attempts to get out of the consequences of the crises caused by the past wars, strongly needs materials for construction such as; e iron, cement and chemicals as well as ceramic sectors and others, and Egypt has the best companies specialized in such materials


Cyprus and Greece

With regard to Cyprus and Greece and their keen to participate in the Beni Ghazi International Exhibition, Dr. Karim Al-Mayor said that the Greek port is geographically located in front of Libya, explaining that through this exhibition there will be cooperation between the two countries in the field of energy, oil and natural gas, as well as Greece is one of the largest countries in the world with a commercial fleet, and there could be shipping lines between Libya and Greece ports, and it is possible that Libyans will make tourist trips in ports and the Islands of Greece, i.e. Libya will help to introduce a material return to Greece by stimulating Greek tourism

Concerning Cyprus, the economic expert, Dr. Karim Al-Omda, believes that Cyprus is an industrially small country, but this does not preclude the existence of cooperation between it and Libya, as the financial return will benefit from the revitalization of tourism within it because of the Libyans who will work on visits and trips within it.


Libyan Oil Revenues

Al-Omda stressed that Libya is expected to see a significant increase in oil revenues during the next phase, because production capacity works there significantly and intensively, and this comes in conjunction with the increase in oil prices, and the value of oil revenues in Libya during the one year is expected to reach more than $25 billion

Before concluding, it is important to discuss with Dr. Karim Mayor the participation of companies of the United States of America and Sweden in the exhibition, and the extent of the benefit that is expected to return to them, Al-Moallem explained that the benefits that will accrue to them are related to the fields of energy, petroleum and natural gas, explaining that American companies will also be keen to work on projects of power plants, desalination plants and high technological projects, in addition to the export of cars and multiple devices to the Libyan market, stressing that it is expected that there will be Bilateral agreements on weapons too.