April 14, 2024


The illegal immigration crisis has erupted again so that Europe is witnessing a serious threat from the political and economic point of view. Belarus, therefore, appears on the scene, to make statements about this matter not to provide solutions, but to avenge what happened in the past.


Dr Sara Kira, an expert of International Relations and Head of the European North African Center, commented on the illegal immigrant’s crisis in Europe, which has begun to worsen in various European countries.

In an interview with the presenter, Assem Al-Farmawy, on the “Space for Opinion” program on “Akhbar Masr” channel, this is affiliated with the Egyptian TV, which was broadcast to discuss this crisis, which led to new differences between Belarus and Poland.


Kira indicated that the illegal immigrants’ crisis in Europe began in 2015 and is ongoing. She noted that what is happening now on the scene and what was witnessed by Spain a month ago in the Mediterranean is an unusual and intolerable pressure on Europe.


Dr. Sara Kira Doctor of International Relations,the Founder and Director of the European North African Center of Research (EUNACR).


Europe and the conflicts of African countries:


Ms. Kira stated that this current crisis affects Europe strongly, “North, South, East and West”, explaining that Europe is the closest geographically to all countries experiencing conflicts in the continent of Africa and that the migrants who have become a crisis that threatens the stability of Europe belong to “Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen”. The disputes that have now erupted between Belarus and Poland are the consequences of the migrant crisis that erupted in 2015.

According to Dr Sara Kira, the flow of migrants has gradually increased recently, which made the European Union think of ways to help confront this dangerous crisis. She added that the disputes that erupted between Belarus and Poland may appear to be part of the consequences of the waves of migrant flows, but in fact, they are being exploited politically. However, the differences are not between Belarus and Poland but between Belarus and the European Union.


Russia’s strategic depth:


Ms Kira believes that Belarus is the strategic depth of Russia, therefore, Poland or the European Union does not have any control over Belarus. Behind Russia’s control over it, this strategic location has also caused conflicts between several countries, each of them struggling to impose its control over Belarus, as its geographical location is a great treasure, and there are many countries wish to impose its control over it.

With regard to the point of the European countries’ refusal to receive these Arab immigrants, Sarah Kira stated that the European Union can be said to be in a very difficult test, especially after the statements made by Belarus and Germany. As she noted that the European Union is now known to be the umbrella that protects human rights, they always call for the rights of migrants.

Therefore, they see whether they leave them at the borders without protection from the harsh cold, or do they allow them to enter, their lands and this will be strong and severe pressure on the countries of Europe and leave them going through many political and economic crises.


Political game


Ms. Kira pointed out that there are new political faces that have appeared on the European arena, and these new faces want to gain the confidence of the people in order to ensure their continuity for a long time. In addition, the citizens of Europe actually refuse the immigrants to enter their lands, because they compete with them in terms of livelihood, so the test is also related. Kira highlighted a question “Do you see these new political faces seeking to win the trust of the people, or do they sacrifice this popular trust to implement human rights and refugees”?

Kira turned to the statements made by the President of Belarus, and explained that he played on this sensitive chord and the difficult test that the European Union is going through…




Dr. Sara Kira expects that the next stage will not witness more than military parades and the forces represented by the forces sent by the European Union under pressure from Poland. As she noting that Germany will continue its efforts to calm the situation, while the President of Belarus will not stop exerting pressure on European countries to grant him legitimacy. However, it will not increase to the point of military confrontations.

According to Kira, Europe is in dire need of Belarus, as Belarus has two very important gas pipelines and the countries of Europe are in dire need of them. Then, she noting at the same time that the European countries are well aware that if they try to enter into any military confrontation they will be damaged and suffocate, they will not dare to complete any an ill-advised move, they are industrial countries that need gas.

Dr. Sara Kira concluded that despite Europe’s need for population growth, especially in light of its severe shortage of citizens, it chooses the type of citizens who enter it, however, the African citizen is a huge political and economic burden for it, and the representatives of the extreme right reject this burden.