April 11, 2024

Dr. Sara Kira Doctor of International Relations,the Founder and Director of the European North African Center of Research (EUNACR).

In the last 10 years and onward, Tunisia were  suffering from marginalization for the Tunisian citizens themselves. In that period of time, there was huge decline in the economic growth rates, as well as, the rates of unemployment among the Tunisian citizens reached to 24% or more. The pandemic showed clearly the failure of El Ennahda party in governing the country, and managing the crises in Tunisia. Last December, a wave of uprisings and  anti-governmental protest took place against the severe living conditions in Tunisia. which brought huge crowds into the streets across the country, often targeting the conservative Islamic party Ennahda.  This is mainly because the political vacuum in the Tunisian parliament. Thus, Tunisia took the decision to investigate el Ennahda  party and the political crisis in Tunisia is getting deeper.