European North African Center for Research is seeking three interns to join our “War and Economic Intelligence Unit”

“War and Economic Intelligence Unit”:

European North African Center for Research is seeking three interns to join our “War and Economic Intelligence Unit” with a tentative start on May 20th, 2022, for a period of three months.
This position is fully remote and can be done from any location with a reliable internet service.

Vacancy description:

Under the supervision of the Director of EUNACR and the “War and Economic Intelligence Unit” lead, the selected interns will work closely on contemporary socio-economic conflict issues in #Ukraine and its impact on the EU
The economic motivations and greediness of regional states and non-state actors have exacerbated the armed conflict in these countries. Carrying out systematic or qualitative research to examine the facts and allegations will subsequently give a wider oversight into the matter discussed.

Vacancy requirements:

– Open for international applicants (preferably from the EU states or MENA region) with no preference over others.
– Be a graduate or an undergraduate at least in their third year in public policy, international law, international relations, political science, economics, business, or any discipline related to energy.
– The internship should be related to the intern’s career and goals.
– The respect of the values of integrity, simplicity, and cross-culture differences within work.

Duties and Responsibilities:

– Covering all news and articles in spoken language related to the shadow economy,
war-profiteering, energy and illicit economic activities in Libya, Sudan and Syria;
– Conducting in-depth online research for the purpose of preparing briefing papers on
on-going actualities.
– Assisting the lead of (WEI) unit to review its mandate and policy material.
– Functioning as a self-sustaining member of our team.
– The accomplishment of the internship will be based on the completion and publishing of one paper on the Center website.

Skills and Competencies:

– Fluency in one or more of the following languages: Arabic, English, French or Spanish.
(Fluency in French is preferred but not required).
– Experienced in conducting research or authoring articles, reviews, opinions, or op-eds.
– Observing deadlines and achieving results within the team’s objectives.
– Shows respect and compatibility for team accomplishments and mandate.
– An elevated level of attention to details and manipulation of complex information.
– Good command of Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
Interested applicants should include a resume and a cover letter (500 words maximum).
-Applications should be in English. A writing sample is not required for this position.

Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis. Please submit your application to the following email:
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